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How to Make Loans and Donations to the Museum

Air Classics Museum of Aviation is looking to add to its collection of aircraft and aviation memorabilia. If you have a piece of aviation memorabilia and its sitting out of view, get it out into the open and let the public enjoy it too. If you don't want to let it go, then loan it to the museum for a time. The museum keeps careful records of all loaned items and will ensure that your item is returned in the condition it was loaned. If you don't mind letting go then donate the object and take a tax deduction. Donations are tax deductible as the museum is a non-profit public 501-3C organization. The museum is looking for following:

  • Warbird and classic aircraft: If you have a flying warbird or antique/classic aircraft in good condition you can loan the aircraft to the museum. You may still fly the aircraft when it is loaned.
  • Aviation uniforms, medals, badges, patches, helmets and other pilot gear
  • Aircraft instruments, radios, and other cockpit items
  • Aircraft practice bombs, rockets and guns
  • Aviation Art
  • Aircraft ground support equipment
  • Aviation books, magazines
  • Other aviation memorabilia

Please contact the Museum to make a donation or loan to the museum. You can call (630) 466-0888 or visit the museum. Any volunteer at the museum can accept donations or loans (except aircraft). You will be asked to fill out a form that identifies yourself and your item (s) as well as the loan period if it is a loan. The item (s) will be taken and evaluated over the next few weeks for suitability for display. If the item is not suitable, you will be contacted to return the item.